Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nothing on earth is worth mentioning than this...

Defying Rules

Defying Inventions (Better than Kill Bill)

Defying Gravity (Maybe Kalki Avathar is not as good and impressing as this)

We either need to post these movies for Oscar in this category or revoke all living rights in this universe for the Director.

But, I should admit that I was ROFL :o)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

After a long time...

Not that I don't want to write a blog or not that I don't have the time to write one - it's just that I didnt get anything good to write. (Idhellam romba over. Appo, ithana naal ezhudhinadhulam good-nu nenappa? appadinu neenga kekaradhu nalla kaadhula vizhudhu - mela, sorry, keezha padikara vazhiya paarunga!). This doesn't mean that I am not reading the blogs I usually do, though.

There's has been lot of things happening that I wanted to write about. My new black video iPod, my new songs collection, my house shifting, my new plans of buying a house back in India, my new plans of my India trip, my office work, my friends' marriage, his screwed up visa appointment, another friends' matchless marriage, latest (happened few seconds back) - sandai with my wife for writing this blog and not talking with her on a weekend day.

Obviously, I am not going to write about everything and screw your time. But there are few things that I will definitely want to touch upon.

Guys have given everyone a video iPod, though there are few rules behind it, which I feel is genuine. But, I was actually expecting something more like this. I am obviously happy with the iPod video, but I dont think am asking for more, from a billion dollar company?

Ranjit has gone back to India and his visa appointment is screwed. Immigration team strikes again. No surprises, but he doesn't care as the role he will be playing back in Offshore for the next 4 months is going to be good for him and the time hes going to spend with his fiancee` - worth the screwing up of his Visa. But, of all people on earth, the most screwed ppl are myself & Anu. We were hopelessly depending on this moron for our new house shifting (which we have planned by end of May '06) and this guy is chumma sitting back at home. Arghh... nee vada, will tell about all your leelai's to Smitha. Anyways, hearty Congratulations and Wishing you both a Very Happy Married Life.

Another important thing, Matchless Marriages - ennoda friend-ku marriage aachu and there is no match btw the groom and the bride - in all senses. Oor kattupadu, andha koothu, indha koothu appadinu, edho solranga. Maybe, they are really happy, which I too wish by all means and my pakshi says its otherwise, So, there should be something that should stop such happenings and the consent of groom and bride needs to be made mandatory. Idhukulam andha Aaru Padayappan dhan oru badhil sollanum. And I have been strictly advised/instructed not to write more about this, so am not going to key-in anything more.

Mathapadi, ellam nalla poittu iruku. Spring vandhuruchu, and its very nice. Jog panna aarambichurkaen, in fact, I should run for 27 hrs a day for the weight I have put on. Work romba nalla iruku, though its very hectic. Nalla Learning.

Ok, ithana pesitaen, ippo naan poi last-a sonnadha sari pannalena, there will no food for the day. Later.
Vandhoma, Velaya paathoma, ponoma-nu irukanum. Adha vittutu, Vaeli-la pora Oonana eduthu Vaetti Kulla Vittunda kadhaya, idhu thevai dhana ivanukku? Investigation is not like our Captain's movie, gumthalakka-va irundhurku by these guys.

Monday, April 03, 2006

First Anniversary!

One Year @ CT. Why not publish a picture map of CT?