Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hollywood Vs (B/K)ollywood

I have to admit this, I have been a crazy fan of Tamil Film industry (Kollywood) and I have watched plenty of movies. Even a totally god forsaken-horrendous-idiotic movie - that would be in the list of movies that I have watched. But, I think I just cant take it anymore (Yes, you can definitely disagree!). I dont know if its bcoz of fact that I dont watch many/any Tamil movies these days or I dont know if I am really right. But one thing for sure, whatever I hear from my bro or whatever I hear from people (especially Harini and Hema) - most new tamil movies suck big time. I dont know if the Directors lack the capability to direct a good movie or is it like the peoples' taste becoming that bad or are the Producers scared to fund a good movie, if at all a Director comes up with one. I am sure the Hindi Film Industry (Bollywood) is equally bad, too.

Ok, lets take the predecessor of Indian "ollywoods" - the Hollywood movies, I can definitely say the % of good movies is way far more than the (B/K)ollywoods. I agree, there are some god-forsaken-horrendous-idiotic Hollywood movies, as well. These Directors, they dont think much in terms of coming up with story-line for a movie. Most of John Grisham's, Alistair MacLean's, Jeffrey Archer's, Stephen King's, Dan Brown's novels have been Directed as beautiful movies (infact, there are much more novels to movies here). Lets forget the debate as to which one is better - The Movie or The Novel, bcoz, its way too difficult to come to a conclusion (I would definitely say its the movie, as I dont have a habbit of reading books at all!)

Anyways, the point is, the Director's job of coming up with a plot is not here anymore. Its already done by somebody, approved by readers, and graded as New York Times Best Seller. Now, its just upto the Directors' creativity to come up with a beautiful Screenplay to keep people in their chairs for 150 minutes. Well, most of them succeed and some of them fail miserably. You see, efficiency cannot be cent percent. The important thing is, nobody is accusing the Director for making a movie from a novel.

The thing I am finding difficult to understand is, why can't Indian Directors do a similar approach? As I said before, I am not sure if the Producer is ready to take a chance - This is totally bcoz of the people. I think we need to change and accept good movies. Lets not get to this level of making a movie from a novel, lets take Anbe Sivam/Iruvar/Hey Ram. These were awe inspiring movies. But, how well these movies were received by our folks? Pretty pitiable situation, most of them didnt understand the movie. I think, we as people, have to change and make Directors to come up with new ideas. Didnt people here change watching James Bond masala's to RADIO, I am Sam? (I specifically cited RADIO, I am Sam here for its exceptional grace. There are tons and tons like these...). Our Captain is still trying to immitate James Bond, even after decades. Crap!

I dont know why I fumed here, maybe, I have watched too many good Hollywood movies in the recent past, but, still hanging onto the same Anbe Sivam, Nayagan, Karnan, Iruvar, Hey Ram etc, as there are no recent real good ones. Things really have to change, if not the (B/K)ollywoods is just going to dogs!