Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why Maya?

I have been asked this question, what, maybe a zillion times and by just a trillion people? (The math isn't working correct right? That's because, the same person has asked it more than once. This probably reveals how fake & un-interested they are - I just don't complain/expect them to remember my little girl's name, b'coz, its not as important to them as it is to me. Now don't ask me if I know a trillion people in my life anyway...)

Ok, We are losing the point of focus here - Why Maya? The most dullard question is - "Just bcoz it sounds like Maha, you have named her Maya?" There is another set of people asking me if I have named her after this Maya. Definitely not! I should have named my daughter Jyothika, as there is nothing great about the character Maya in that movie that inspired me to name my daughter after, Jo was just fantabulous. That's it!

Let me tell you the real reason - There are few things that you can't reason out for liking (or) disliking, and this name is one such a thing. I just love the name, and I don't know for what reason though. Whatever, I love my little girl for what she is. (Do I need to admit this?)

For the record, Maya means Magical, Illusion.