Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Silver Medal?

What do you Google for?

I guess, we, as in the "real" we, stand second to Egypt. I bet this ranking is based of the % of hits, if it were the total numbers, man, I am darn sure we would've surpassed everybody else.

Ok, What is the big deal? After all, I know many (and I was part of the many) who mourned (read the comments for sure!) when the screens came down on this.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Please sit down...

How will these people greet, when somebody is coming to their houses?

T. R. Mahalingam - Pleash shit down...

K. J. Jesudas - Blease sid down... (Nee batta berum baadu arivaen amma...)

Kumar Sanu / recent Unni krishnan - Pknlease Sknit dknown... (That kn is that mookala paadara sound.)

Well, if you're not appreciating these differences, then you haven't read out loud the above things, imagining what the individual singer would've done if they were given this. Shows, either your incompetency or ignorance. I don't know which one is a bliss to you!

This crooked thinking came after listening to T. R. Mahalingam's "Ishai Thamizh Nee Sheidha Arum Shaadhani..." y'day while Anu & I were driving back from Costco.

Shamughi maami 5 kattai-la paadina, ivaru 8 kattai-la padaraar pa! What-a man (Don't think about Abbas saying "What-a man" from Padayappa!