Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An excruciating, self imposed misery!

Have you heard of someone crucifying themselves without the cross, nail and a hammer? Actually, we did. Here's how...

At first, it seemed a little difficult, though doable. I was really looking forward to it, but Anu was already starting to wish the 7 days got over as quickly as possible. To make sure we don't crave too much, we stuffed ourselves with enough food here the previous evening.

The 7 days ahead of us was something like this. 8th day is the highlight!

16 April 2009 - Day 1 - Fruits, no Bananas though
17 April 2009 - Day 2 - Vegetables
18 April 2009 - Day 3 - Fruits & Vegetables
19 April 2009 - Day 4 - Skimmed Milk & Bananas
20 April 2009 - Day 5 - Brown Rice & Tomatoes
21 April 2009 - Day 6 - Brown Rice, Vegetables & Tomatoes
22 April 2009 - Day 7 - Brown Rice, Vegetables & Fruit Juices
23 April 2009 - Day 8 - தங்கமணி Enjoy!

I don't really want to go into each and every minute of the 7 days. After all, there wasn't much as we were just starving. If we had done anything better, then it would've been here. Anyways, a few highlights

The first one totally got me by the unmentionables - I cannot have my morning coffee. The first shot of caffeine is something that I have spoilt myself with. The only drinks we "can" have during the 7 days are - Black Coffee, Black Tea. I think I would have preferred komiyam in place of the Black Coffee. OK, that was a bit exaggerated. I, in fact liked the black coffee and drank this on all 7 days! Maybe, I should start drinking black coffee more so that I can avoid the milk. But, how can I satisfy this? Let's cut the crap and get into the details...

Day 1 was real difficult as it was a full fruit day. Not that I don't like fruits, but the missing salt was a killer. So, we supplemented our fruit diet with the magic soup. Basically, I did a few variations and made something like this, of course, without its usual richness! Plus 10 glasses of water!

Day 2 was amazing. We can have a pinch of carb with a lot of vegetables. The day starts with a baked potato and we did our variation with this. We baked the potato and then mashed it well with a pinch of salt, pepper and fresh lime juice making it like podimas. Eating a cup full of this did really help. Also, we made some yummy veggie salads with steamed cabbage, cauliflower, beans, carrots, cucumbers, peas, kernel corn and the dressing was (home made) Guacamole! Of course, we had our share of magic soup to get us going. For dinner, we had the Chipotle Veggie Salad (without beans, sour cream & cheese). Everything else in this Chipotle Veggie Salad is fresh and we felt it was a very good substitute and it really was! Plus 10 glasses of water!

Day 3 was as simple as Day 1 + Day 2. (No, its not 20 glasses of water, just 10!)

Even before we started this episode, Anu was dreading Day 4 because bananas and Anu are like Snakes and Mongooses! I, on the other hand, love bananas. One can have up to 8 bananas on Day 4 with 3 glasses of skimmed milk (obviously, without sugar). Variation here too - Anu made herself Banana smoothies with her share of bananas and milk. In case you are wondering, the answer is Yes for magic soup for Day 4. Plus 10 glasses of water!

Day 5, Day 6, Day 7 were pretty much a combo of Days 1 thru' 3, with the addition of Brown rice and Tomatoes. Eating raw tomatoes is a pain, so we put it in the blender with a pinch of salt and pepper and drank it like a tomato juice. It was still bad, but, not as bad as eating a raw tomato. On these last 3 days, for the veggie salad, we made fajitas (with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil) and a fresh tomato, onion, corriander salsa. Basically, we made the salad like the Chipotle Veggie Salad. Plus 10 glasses of water on each of these days!

Day 8, although we were relieved that the 7 days were over, in retrospect, we kinda liked the way the diet was organized. Kudos to whoever came up with the Vegetarian version of this! We had very clean bowel movements, felt very refreshed and a huge eye opener as to how well (& easily) we can organize what we eat on a daily basis. The best part: There is absolutely no artificial things in it. Lots of fruits, vegetables & water is the key. We have also started drinking nearly 3-4 litres of water every day and have reduced the sugar intake drastically. I've stopped adding Sugar for my morning coffee & Anu has halved hers, practically no junk sweets (from India especially). Of course, we do have it once in a while, otherwise the cravings become much worse and we start stuffing ourselves like crazy later.

I'd definitely recommend this to everyone. The weight loss piece is amazing (and I'm not going to say how much I lost), but the revelation was the bestest!

Ironically, right now, the only good thing about GM is the GM Diet. (And I had my share of laughs for the phrase in the GM Reinvention ads - "The only chapter we're focused on... is Chapter 1"!)

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